Thursday, 12 June 2014

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Hello guys, Hope you are good. I know I've been away for too long that you cant even recognise me.
I don't want to bore you with any explanations but I'm back!
I am back from my long hiatus. Hope I was missed id not I would have to rethink our friendship. Anyways I did miss you guys. And guess wat I brought back.... Shoes! O mine my favourite is the Charllote Olympia (ish)  pumps! Gurl, these shoes gave me multiple shoe****s  alrighdy? They are fabulous.! And just a fraction of the cost.
Yes I stock them.Selling fast though I must warn.if you want them, grab 'em!
Anyways just leave me a comment below if anything tickles your fancy

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brits Award 2014 Trend Watch

Well the Brits awards was great Congratulations to all whose hard work paid off. Obviously my interest will be the  fashion right? Hate that I am so predictable,
Call me difficult to impress but they didn't kill the red carpet. Whatever happened? Well I will focus on two things I loved,
 patterns and textures
Fabrics with very beautiful imprints of all sorts, totems, digital photographic imprints, religious prints and clashing eclectic patterns, a great reflection of the winter 2014 trends and the forth coming spring summer trends as well. J'adore !

My favourites of the Day Rizzle Kids!!!

Boys this much "Fabulousity" is Beyond!!





Photos by JM Enternational

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Styling the Thrifted

 Every now and then I end up with a killer item of clothing from my thrifting journeys. I couldn't say no to this vintage crinkle jumpsuit. The sleeves are to die for! I  will definitely wear this to a Fashion week of some sort. Love it
 Jumpsuit: Nicki Ferrari, Earring: Thrifted Heels : THboxes Bag : Thrifted
Coat: Lauren Alexandra
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

$200 Valentine's Giveaway

Hello dearies I am running a giveaway for 200 dollars worth gift certificate for the designer line  FERI
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Good Luck

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I was tempted to do an outfit post but I felt to share this instead.

 In recent years, the purpose of this day is somewhat twisted. Carnal mindedness. Some magazine I read focused a whole three pages on best sex positions to try on valentines day and the best sex toys to try when you are going solo on that day. How can an idea so beautiful receive such subverted interpretations?
 It was a day when a certain St Valentine was martyred. Therefore Catholics hold this day as a feast day for him.
He is remembered as the Patron of Love, Young People, Happy Marriages

This saint,(a catholic priest)  is distinguished from all the others bearing his name or derivations of it by the suffix, "of Rome" ,therefore a particular reference to St Valentine of Rome.
 Do we equate the expression of love to giving gifts? Well yes and no. In as much as giving is an act of showing love, the purpose isn't limited to the action but to the thought behind it.
The measure of love can never be equated to the worth of a gift (I mean this in monetary sense)
Acts of kindness, are equally acts of love.
Lets not focus too much on what we are going to receive or give. A simple  you mean a lot to me is an expression of love.
Lets show love to everyone around us. Click here for great valentine gift ideas

Luv, Marianne

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

9 Ultimately Unusual Special Valentine Gift Ideas

1.  Send a flower to a random person in hospital with a note that says I prayed for you.

2.   send a thank you card to your parent/friends

3.  Do the washing up or cooking for your spouse and leave a note that says, "I thought you might do with a little help".

4.  Take special care of your clients/customers

5.   Donate blood

6.  Be exceptionally smiley, your energy might brighten another person's day

7.  Give to the needy. Sign up to a regular charity donation

8.   Say thank you to the bus driver

9.   Start here, Leave me a comment/follow my blog (smiley face)

Luv, Marianne Enter valentines giveaway here