Thursday, 4 February 2016


Here is a post to guide you on your way to mastering the art of living in a small space.

Its at this point that I get the thank yous...much appreciated.

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OK that out of the way let's get started.
Starting from the bulkier items- furniture.  Furniture tends to take so much space.But that's not entirely true. Carefully choosing the right pieces will do you a lot of good. If space is of the essence forget about dark furniture and go for light coloured ones.
As we rightly know mirrors are are a great way of creating the illusion of space, Therefore mirrored furniture are great just be prepared to clean them a lot. Because they are very unforgiving.
In today's post we shall be focusing on acrylics, lucite, clear,transparent or whatever you may call it.
This trend is a favourite of mine. I would still do acrylics even if I had a massive space.They give a space a clean streak.
Here are a few pieces I would like to show you.

Acrylic Tray Table by CB2

Awesome idea for displaying coffee table books or simply can be used as a one man dinning table .

Interlude Home shelving unit

This is a great idea to use your vertical space to organise and display your stuff.

Safavieh Duval Bar Cart

This cart is awesome for creating a bar or in my case a tea or coffee station. Its got wheels at the bottom so you can easily move it round if you have to.

Geode storage boxes made of acrylic quartz and agate

OK so when I saw these boxes I died a little. Wow whoever put acrylic and stone together was surely thinking about me when they made it.Very gorgeous pieces to store your jewellery,stationery or whatever you like to use them for.I like side table

Need I say anything?

One king lane Lucite console table

OK so picture this against the wall of your entry way with a massive watercolour photo on the wall, and on top of the table is a gorgeous marble pot with some succulents in it and on the side a stack of magazines with a rose gold vintage telephone sitting on top of them and then finally on the end bit a small decorative tray where you can leave your keys and sunglasses when you walk into your home. Hmm... I think I got a bit carried away there but you get the picture right?

Nesting tables

These are great for when you have guests around and  your room is too small to fit a dinning table.They can also serve as extra seats when you need them.

Finley side table

I've got two words for this table TOTS ADORABS!!!! (I've been watching too much of kids TV  I know.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


We are a few days into the new year. It is a new year for new beginnings and new resolutions.
For this year I personally made no specific resolutions.However i am determined more than ever to make things happen.

I have physically written down inspirational quotes that i read regularly 

 to awaken my zeal for work. And by work I mean life generally, because everything needs work.

Personally,i find that when I get organised I get things done. Sometimes I will lay on my bed to plan out something and suddenly I am up tidying up.That's just because I find it very difficult to function well among chaos,or a messy environment.

Another thing i intend doing is to live by my planner(organiser,diary ).

It is very vital for me to make a TO DO list to remind me of all the tasks i need to do.I find that as i tick them off it lightens me up and make me feel that I've got things together.

In this post I am collaborating with WeWork , a thriving company that provides shared office spaces for small businesses to give you a small tour of my workspace.
You've got to check them out if you are a small business  or a freelancer who needs an office for meetings, for work or whatever.They will hook you up.
It's great to have a space where you can feel productive.
Whether it's a whole room dedicated for an office or a small desk in the corner, it's got to function for you.
My darling husband has graciously agreed for me to put my desk in our bedroom.
I basically use my workspace for sewing, blogging, replying to emails, paying bills, writing and doodling in my planner. It functions for me.
I have got great lighting from the Juliet's balcony so I don't have any need for desk lamp.

When I found the desk it was a plain wood desk so I used some fablon ( contact paper) to cover the top and the sides .I liked the look of some wood peeping through the sides though. I then used gold studs to add a bit of character to it.
I then picked up a few decorative accents, some I DIY'd just to add a bit of girly pizazz to it.

I love that it's just by my closet /dressing area and makes it feel like my personal space even though I share the room with the husband.

I got this beautiful tiffany blue storage box from tkmaxx.i store paper work categorised in folders in them.GET SIMILAR HERE

I Utilise containers to store my threads,washi tapes, and stationery in the drawer under my desk

I use a Claude Monet personalised filofax style planner. You can get your planners and insets from paperchase

This is a photo of my entryway.i consider it my workspace as well because this is the first point letters that are received come in and filled away after reading.

Smooches,Mariànne ��������

Saturday, 2 January 2016

5 Stylish Winter Outfit Ideas

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 
― Edith Sitwell

Let's glam up for winter shall we?
I know I know, I get it it's cold out there but darling just keep slaying !
Hands up all who are guilty of the statement " Forgive me for what I wore when it was cold" (My hands is up)
Cozy mustn't be equal to frumpy in anyway.
Here are a few outfits i have put together to inspire you this winter.
Grab a hot chocolate and enjoy.
Let me know your favourite 

Smooches Mariànne 

Top Amazon
Poncho Aliexpress
Bag Shein
Trousers New Look

Top topshop
Trousers  River Island
Poncho aliexpress

Shoes converse
Coat similar

Shoes Get It Here
Boots Shein
Jeggings shein
Bag similar

Top boohoo
Waist coat : Jane Norman 
Skirt: Amazon
Bag:Karl lagerfield
Headphone top 

Saturday, 17 October 2015


GUEST POST BY: Tosyne a computer science student  with a great love for fashion and music.
kindly click on the link above to check her out.

Hello guys! How are we? I am starting an interactive chat on the blog, I get to ask people questions behind the blog, I post the peoples thoughts here and we discuss or disagree on there answers in the comment box. This is our first post on this so I am kinna curious on what the feedbacks will be. So today’s question is on fashion, “What Are The Fashion Trends That Should Be Stopped”

Firstly, before I wear or do what’s trendy I look how it suits me, I don’t just wear it cos everyone is wearing it. I always say this when it comes to fashion never say never, fashion is so contagious before you know it you are doing that trend you hissed at.

So I ask a few persons and they have different interesting answers on what they trends should be stopped:

CHIKE – Sweat pants! Dudes should stop wearing it out.

RONKY BROWN- I think denim, its way too popular and kinda abused already. Everywhere you go you get to see someone on denim.

GB – It’s sneakers on dress for me, I see a lovely lady from far, wearing a lovely dress and I walk up to her and she’s wearing a sneakers just like mine. I be like WTF,you’re supposed to be wearing heels or something, it’s not like you’re going to play football or something

OLORI LIZYBETH – Make gal no dey do leg like person wey get k leg wen dey won snap. And make dem stop to dey do mouth like person wey chop bitter cola.

MS KARE- Heavy Makeup on a normal day is a no no for me. When I see a girl with a lousy makeup on a normal day, I am like wtf?

CHIOMA – Girls that wear leggings and still feel they have to tuck in their blouses. Even babes wey dey line their brows with red eyeliner and lips with black eye pencil with gold lipstick

TOSYNE – Boot cuts! Its every shades of wrong in my eyes. We wore it back in the day and it still looks Uncool in 2015. I will just stick to the palazzo of this age if I must do comfy. Its still skinny jeans any day!

ICE – All these childish looking graphic tees with lots of colours.

Whoop! That’s it, thanks to everyone that sent in answers. So to my lovely readers feel free to contribute, disagree, agree, disect in the comment box.

Thanks for reading, leave your comments and share!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


We are in autumn  and pumpkins are abundant everywhere.
In todays post I am sharing with you some fun things to do with pumpkins.
Kindly click on highlighted links for the recipes and DIYS.

Pumpkin Rolls

Are these not just yummy looking. Just think of this and a cup of cappuccino.
  Recipe By Gimme Some Oven

   Overnight Pumpkin Pie French Toast by  Justusfourblo g

If you are any good at drawing, grab a sharpie and get creative like Lil Blue Boo has done in the following  photo.

You can also make these beautiful  tealight candle holders with pvc glue and glitter as home decor or a tablescape 

Get warm this cold weather by making for yourself this wonderful Pumpkin Soup By RecipesTin Eats

Why don't you try out this sequin pumpkin  Diy by Sugar and Cloth

Polka dots pastels and gold. What a great mix.

Smooches Mariànne 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hello wonderful people, Hope you are doing great. Recently i am being inspired to workout more.
If you do not have any fitness regime, I would implore you to make it a habit.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to great health. Whether you are working out to loose weight, build muscles or simply to stay fit,a suitable workout gear is a prerequisite to help us feel comfortable and to stay safe while we achieve our goals.

 In toady's post, i am sharing with you some unbelievable affordable workout gear. Yes i am talking as low as £2.99. Yup! ....sweet right? i know.Dont thank me,it's what i do :)