Friday, 18 November 2016


This blog post is to raise awareness about the problem of food waste and Tesco's effort to reduce this.
This is a sponsored post by Tesco Orchard . They sent me coupons to buy and try the Tesco PERFECTLY IMPERFECT  and Eat Fresh, Keep Fresh chicken range out.

So I picked up some chicken breast fillets to share this wonderful  recipe with you.
The Perfectly  imperfect range stocks fruits, vegetables that are misshapen  but otherwise fine to eat and the Eat Fresh, Keep Fresh  range  packages  chicken cleverly to keep them fresh.

Tesco is working with local charities and community groups as part of their Community Food Connection programme.
They are committed  to donating good quality surplus food to charities and community groups that help to feed those in need.
You can check out which local stores are part taking in this programme HERE.

Be rest assured,  the quality and health of the food in the range are passed through 'food standards' to verify their wholesomeness.


600g chicken breast fillets 
salt (as needed)
2 tablespoons olive oil
450g mixed vegetable stir fry
1 large onion chopped
3 assorted colours bell peppers 
1 tsp soy sauce
1 Maggie shrimp cube
homemade marinade of  peri peri sauce and maggie dawada cube


1. Pour oil into wok and heat till hot.  Pour in the marinated diced chicken fillets and fry until chicken browns lightly.
Remove the chicken onto a plate to be used later.
2. Add chopped onions and fry until golden and add sliced bell peppers and sauté for a couple of minutes.
3. Pour in the vegetable  stir fry mix and stir gently with a wooden spatula to ensure that everything is mixed in properly.
4. Add in your seasoning at this point.
5. Pour the chicken back into the stir fry and toss everything together. Allow stir fry to sit on low heat for a couple of minutes, making sure that the vegetables don't go soft.

To be Served with boiled rice mixed with spaghetti ( because I am just extra lol)


Monday, 14 November 2016


Hello dearies, Hope you are all doing great. Today I'm going to share with you one of my favourite smoothie recipes.
Banana, peanuts and strawberry smoothie:)
I particularly love this recipe because of how filling it is. I sometimes add oats or granola if I want to make even more filling.
Freckled bananas work best for this recipe plus they are good for ya!

(Organic life) Cinnamon  (super life) chia seeds (credit: Diana Talium/Fotolia) peanut butter  (strawberries ) foppemas farm recipes banana

5 bananas (the more freckled the better)
1/4 cups strawberries 
2 table  Spoonfuls peanut butter
11/2 cups milk of your choice
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1tsp chia seeds (optional)
4 cubes of ice.
1 Table Spoonful honey


    Easy                 5mins

   Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Add milk till desired consistency is achieved. ENJOY!!!

Smooches, Mariànne

Monday, 31 October 2016


The idea of today's post was borne out of a light hearted banter with friends about a Ghanaian male making waves on the Internet spotting a "shirt", arguably a blouse (in the Ghanaian context).
This man's shirt has got some uncharacteristic features such as puff sleeves and ruffles on the chest. And this is what is bringing the house down and tickling even a 1000 more.
As with any revolutionary idea, (Oh yes, I'm going there with you) there would be many (aka all those creasing up about this look) who might not see the vision. But I do, thank you very much!
Whether it is a fashion statement,  something along the lines of

 "If women can wear trousers, then men can wear puffs and ruffles" 

or that he is just starting a new trend, I'm all for it.
If anything, his confidence is very inspiring.
But guys, don't tell me you haven't really seen this look before. Just squint a bit and that's an Elizabethan Gentleman standing right infront of you. Is it a pirates shirt? or perhaps the shirt of the 18th Century gentry? After all C18th is the era of Enlightenment.(term used in this context in the loose sense of the word)
Hopefully you get his gist.
And as the saying goes,  there's nothing new under the sun.
PS. If anyone knows who this great man is ,could you kindly let me know so that I can tag him appropriately. 


Friday, 28 October 2016

Real techniques: Must have brushes for highlight &Contour lovers


This week i’m testing the Real Techniques Collector’s edition from Sam & Nic Chapman. With this sculpting set you get three brushes: Sculpting Brush, Fan brush and a Setting brush. In love with contouring, highlighter or baking this is the set you need. Even the fan brush is a exclusive cut, It’s a limited brush set for 29,90 €.( £26.94)


Let’s speak about this colour for a second isn’t it gorgeous? I’m usually not a pink person but this is just an amazing finish on the brushes. But let’s see what this brush set contants, The sculpting brush has a wide angled head that is perfect and designed to create defined contours. Perfect for your everyday bronzer or your favorite contour kit. Let me know! What’s your favorite contour kit?


The fan brush a soft tin brush to swipe powders such as highlighter and makes a perfect finish to swipe the excess make-up away. To let your highlight shine on the right places.

These brushes are 100% Cruelty free and all brushes are made of ultra plush tack bristles (synthetic bristles) They claim that there easy to clean and long lasting. I didn’t try to wash them so we will  see. Let us know if you have Real techniques brushes, Are they in fact long lasting?

Last one is maybe small but the most used of the set for me, The setting brush the key to complete any look with blending and dusting off powder to give a professional look. I use it for baking to swipe my excess powder off but you can use it for so much more such as: setting your concealer, highlighting,blending eyeshadow,Etc.

This is one of my favorite feature of Real Techniques brushes, Every brush has a name. This is really helpfull to find the perfect brush for your make-up look. There really soft and simple to work with, they have a nice grip on the bottom so you can hold this brush the right way and apply your make-up flawless.

Robin Xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


It's boots season yet again. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate some boots into your outfits this autumn/fall.
Ankle boots, thigh high boots,riding boots, whatever your style is. It shouldn't be a challenge to style your outfits around them.
I always get complaints from the men that I don't cater for them in my styling posts so I have included two outfits with boots I picked from King Ranch Saddle Shop .King Ranch Saddle Shop has a wonderful selection ofextremely durable boots for men and fashionable leather boots for women. Why not step out of your comfort zone and try adding a bit of edge to your outfits. 
Smooches, Mariànne 

Coat (Balmain) Culottes  ( ) Boots Bag


shirt   trousers   coat  gloves   scarf   bag  boots

I couldn't  help but throw these creepers in here. They arent boots but I love them so they make the cut;)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Work Ready – Ready-to-wear By Woodin

Guest Post by the lovely KAREN KANE

The ready-to-wear collection by Woodin Ghana has got some very fantastic pieces. These pieces range from Office wear to Casual outfits and pretty much, everything you need for any occasion. Since my last blog post about this ready-to wear collection, I have had a lot of positive feedback about how easy it is now to find the perfect African Print outfit. The hustle for most people to find ‘that’ fabric and then a tailor is definitely a thing of the past.
Today, I am wearing this two piece outfit from the collection. This outfit is so versatile in the sense that you can wear it in so many ways to suit so many occasions. I styled it with a plain blue office shirt (a white shirt will also be a good choice) to give the entire outfit that official look that I intended it to have. I just thought to give it an extra edge with the belt which should only be an option.
You can however decide to wear this outfit on a Friday without the shirt because most people usually like to dress down.
This piece comes ready in all sizes. If you need help with knowing what size would be best for you, just speak to any Woodin sales assistant and they will be ready to help.
If you have further questions or suggestions or if this post inspired you, please let me know. Catch you soon on my next post.

Outfit: Ready-to-Wear by Woodin
Shirt: Kash Boutique
Belt: Kash Boutique
Photography by : Isreal Delike


Monday, 17 October 2016

6 Beautiful Interior Design Moodboards

Guest Post by Jo-anne Coetser

Now this blog has been fun to write, and so interesting. We all think of interior designers only being for the rich and/or famous. However, I have been fortunate enough to learn that this is not the case at all.

Interior designers are artists that studied on how to merge their artistic nature with your style to help you make your home the most beautiful, comfortable, and functional place it could be.

The trick is finding a designer that listens, instead of trying to impose their style onto you. This can be a bit difficult to find, but trust me there are some amazing ones out there that take into account not only styles, and needs, but budgets too. If you find a designer that has a furniture range as well, you may be pleasantly surprised at how far you can stretch your budget.

This blog is just an interesting piece, showing how much work is actually involved for the designer, and after they are done – the results. I am sure you will find it as breathe taking as I did. The designer that I was privileged enough to speak with, and who so kindly shared her work with me is Candice Brophy from Milk Décor and Simpli Décor. The Milk Décor division is for baby, nursery and children’s rooms’, while the Simpli Décor division covers the entire home and office.

First there would be the initial consultation; there you can decide if this designer is one that can join you in your vision for your home. Think of colours and textures you like, you can even arm yourself with clippings from magazines. This is where the magic begins. The designer takes in all of the information, ascertains your ideas’ and starts designing as you speak.

The designer then goes on to make a mood board. I have to say these are absolute magic, personally I would frame the mood board and put it in the room as well. These mood boards may seem simple, but the designer pours their creative magic, and ideas’ into these to show you what your design would entail. They include the colour palette, textures, furniture, and ornaments or other extras’ all on one page, which gives you as a client a very good idea on what the room will look like, and the opportunity to change or tweak anything you are not too happy with. Throughout this blog are a few examples of mood boards, and you can see what I mean by them being beautiful.

Once you, as the client, are happy with the designs and concepts your designer gets to the hard of work of sourcing and commissioning items, arranging a team for the painting or carpentry if required, and ultimately putting the home and/or room together. Saving the client so much in terms of time and stress, we just get to marvel at, and enjoy the finished product.
* All mood boards, concepts, and furniture were supplied by, and are copyrighted to Milk Décor/Simpli Décor who can be reached upon should you have any further queries.